What is Gum Abscess?

Typically, a gum or gingival abscess is attributable to an infection in the surface of the gingival tissue. The primary cause of this condition is direct microbial growth from an existing tooth cavity and into the gum tissues. If a food particle gets locked in between the gingiva and tooth, tissue disintegration could occur. The damage in the immediate structures will then direct to the creation of mini-pockets. Food particles will build up in the pockets to form plaque and tartar creating a favorable environment for the microorganisms to exist and multiply. Infection sets in leading to a localized collection of pus.

When pus formation arises in the gums, the individual will suffer unrelenting sore and painful sensations. The affected area will swell up and a white boil will appear on the gum. Opening the mouth may be difficult because of the swelling and gingival inflammation. The taste buds will be affected if pus drainage is continuous. If left without proper treatment, the infection may extend to other gum areas.

As an initial measure to ease the pain, use salt water or clove oil. Anti-inflammatory medications may also help. If an abscess breaks by itself, have warm water rinses to cleanse the mouth and promote pus drainage. Using mouthwash and saline gargles cannot treat the infection but will just lighten the pain. Pay a visit to a dentist at once to have it treated. Patients with dental abscess are usually given antibiotics at the judgment of the physician.

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Gum Abscess Pictures

gum abscess pictures gum abscess pictures gum abscess pictures gum abscess pictures