Acne Scars Pictures

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Acne Scars

The end results of inflammation within the dermis caused by acne are acne scars. It is more likely that acne cysts leave behind permanent scars than other types of acne since cystic acne causes nodules to form underneath the skin.

When a wound from acne attempts to heal itself, too much collagen gathers in the affected spot, creating a red or hyperpigmented mark on the skin. This is not yet a scar, somewhat a post-inflammatory transformation which is noticed as the skin undergoes healing ang remodeling processes that take roughly about 6 to 12 months. If the area will be free from acne lesions for a long time, the skin can be repaired naturally. If the skin defect or the pigmentation still exists after 12 months, the skin condition is called a permanent acne scar.

An acne scar can be in different forms. Scars can be identified as an ice pick scar, box car scar, rolling scar or a hypertrophic scar. Ice pick scars are deep pits causing an indentation on the surface and is the most common and classic sign of acne scarring. The skin’s surface appears to have been punctured with an ice pick. Usually, these kinds of scars are narrower than 2 mm, but can extend into the deep dermis and even the subcutaneous layer.

Box car scars are round indentations with angular edges that typically occur on the cheeks. Scars with wave-like appearance are rolling scars. This scar is a consequence of binding of normal-looking skin to the fatty tissue below. Splitting up the subcutaneous fibrous bands is a way to correct a rolling scar. Thick, keloid scars are the hypertrophic scars.

In order to prevent the occurrence of post-inflammatory changes is to prevent acne from developing. Understanding the contributing factors that provoke acne and using appropriate treatment routines are examples of initial measures of acne prevention.

Knowing the role of free radicals in skin damage, using antioxidants to help treat permanent scars would help. Sadly, no scientific research would establish antioxidants as cures for skin damage. In fact when Vitamin E, when used topically to healing wounds causes more harm.

There are various procedures that are available today for acne scar correction. Some of these treatments are dermal fillers, punch excision with or without skin graft replacement, punch elevation, subcutaneous excision and laser resurfacing. Bear in mind that each procedure has its own pros and cons, and others are usually rendered in combination for best results.

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Acne Pictures

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What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition characterized by minor, although infrequently serious, skin eruptions due to inflammation around the sebaceous glands. It is most prominent on the face, chest, arms and back. Roughly about 85% of all people have acne outbreaks in some point in their lives.

Normally, the sebaceous glands produce a fatty, oily substance known as sebum, to protect and lubricate the skin. Acne results when the sebum flow is obstructed by dead skin cells, dried sebum or by bacteria. When there is a complete blockage, whitehead is produced. When the blockage is incomplete, blackhead results. In time, the clogged hair follicle enlarges, producing a bump. The follicles continue to enlarge until the walls rupture, permitting the normal skin bacteria to enter into the deeper layer of the skin. This will result to an inflammation. If the inflammation is close to the surface, this is termed as pustule, pimple for deeper inflammation and much deeper is called cyst.

Remove excess oil by regular gentle washing of the face with non-irritating unscented soaps. However, avoid vigorous washing and scrubbing as these may irritate the skin, making the acne worse. The use of over-the-counter preparations and topical solutions with benzoyl peroxide improves acne. If the acne is severe, dermatologists may prescribe topical and oral antibiotics. If the patient has drug-resistance to antibiotics, Accutane may be used as a substitute. If acne is fully managed, scars can be dealt with resurfacing derma procedure called dermabrasion. Except in severe cases where the skin eruption is widespread, normally acne is undisruptive and responds well to treatment.

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