What is Scalp Psoriasis?

A subtype of psoriasis noticeable on the hair protected area of the head is scalp psoriasis. The extent can be mild or serious depending on the scaliness and inflammation and could be isolated or generalized. It can affect a certain area, and worse, the whole scalp. The most commonly affected parts are the areas behind the ears and the occipital area.

The usual presenting clinical manifestations are obvious, thick, crusted, silvery sheets of dead skin cells called plaques with well-defined borders, scalp discomfort caused by the red patches, bleeding in severe cases and a lot of scratching. It worsens when the area is constantly scratched. Even supposing it is sufficiently masked by the hair, like in dandruff; it causes shedding of the skin and can really be socially embarrassing. Patients, who have problems with the immune system, trauma, stress and hormonal changes, are much more susceptible.

The principal goal of treatment is loosening and removing the scales while providing liberal moisture as possible. The management for the itchy and flaky scalp depends upon the seriousness of the scalp psoriasis and the degree of involvement. Expose the body to sunlight as Vitamin D is activated and helps enhance skin condition. Coal tar shampoos are effective too. Massaging the scalp with aloe vera and lavender oil works wonders. Choose a shampoo with jojoba oil on it as this help moisturize the dry scalp. In mild scalp psoriasis, there is only superficial scaling. To treat this, the primary action is the use of ketoconazole shampoo followed by betamethasone valerate scalp solution. Bear in mind to apply Alcohol-based topical steroids intermittently because overuse leads to more extensive scalp psoriasis. If inflammation is negative, steroidal application can be substituted with calcipotriol lotion. In severe scalp psoriasis with thick adherent peeling plaques, the first measure is to remove the scales. If these scales are not eliminated, the antipsoriatic medication will not effectively act on the skin.

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Scalp Psoriasis Pictures

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