Panniculitis is a term for a wide category of disorders whose major characteristic is the chronic inflammation primarily contained in the subcutaneous tissue. Nodular fat necrosis is the other name for acute Panniculitis. The danger increases significantly if the individual is becoming more overweight. It is most often seen in the abdomen where fat rolls are common. Usually, it presents as erythematous swelling in the adipose tissue that may or may not be sore, that could ulcerate or heal with no scarring, and on palpation, may be soft or solid.

The hallmark sign of acute Panniculitis is the development of a sole or numerous crops of nodules in subcutaneous fat. Usually, the bumps are tender but not always. Rarely, an oily pus secretion is drained. A single lesion persists for about 1 week to 2 months before it entirely disappear. A discolored depressed mark may be present at the affected side.

Others may develop hyperthermia, abnormal liver function, bone marrow depression, bleeding tendencies, nodular pulmonary lesions and pancreatic disease.

Frequently, the classical treatment for Panniculitis is insufficient which includes topical creams, oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. Patients with particular types of this disorder may well respond to combined chemotherapy. I f this will be left untreated, the condition can go from bad to worse and begin to affect vital organs other than the subcutaneous tissues. It can readily shift into the connective tissues leading to increased chance of acquiring lupus.

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  • Leigh

    I have Panniculitis and I have dark patches on my legs. Is there anything that I can get to clear the dark patches up. Also what topical creams can I get.

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